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Show Notes



Microsoft is Bringing exFAT to the Linux Kernel (And No-One’s Getting Sued) Microsoft has announced that it’s bringing exFAT support to the Linux kernel, with code contributed licensed under GPLv2.



Dell made an index for their Linux Workstations and Laptops 



ARM-Powered Lenovo Yoga C630 Laptop To See Better Support With Linux 5.4



How to Install Shutter Screenshot Tool in Ubuntu 19.04



Ubuntu 19.10 Planned Features


And the biggest single change in Ubuntu 19.10 is the decision to include NVIDIA drivers on the ISO install image.
Theme support for Snap apps

Ubuntu Dock trash & external drive icons

Updated Yaru GTK Theme

Guest Session support in login screen

Fwupd available as a Snap (Firmware Updater)

Experimental ZFS file system install option


WireGuard Releases New Snapshot While Not Expected For Linux 5.4 Mainline



Python is eating the world: How one developer’s side project became the hottest programming language on the planet



An Overview of Intel’s Clear Linux, its Features and Installation Procedure
Clear Linux is a product of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center focusing mainly on the cloud. It’s not your regular general-purpose Linux distributions, but a distribution that mostly suits various cloud use cases leveraging the best of Intel’s hardware and architecture. There are better power management and performance optimizations along with various other features.



8-Way Linux Distribution Benchmarks On The AMD EPYC 7742 2P Server


When taking the geometric mean from the dozens of tests carried out successfully on all eight Linux distributions under test, Intel’s Clear Linux was still the fastest distribution tested on this AMD EPYC 7742 2P “Rome” server.



Pre-show discussion: Does a package mirror exist that transmits data via the torrent protocol rather than http(s)?


PPPoE = Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet. It is used mainly with DSL services where individual users connect to a DSL modem over Ethernet.


Rebuilt my barn radio https://philporada.com/imgs/barn-radio.jpg


Rebuilt my firewall



1 GHz quad Jaguar core with 64 bit and AES-NI support

4Gig-E ports


Deployed plex on my _old_ firewall https://hub.docker.com/r/plexinc/pms-docker/



Surrey Satellite Technology today released an image and video of the Earth captured from Low-Earth Orbit by a Raspberry Pi camera and computer on board a satellite launched on a Soyuz rocket in July 2019.


The image includes the coasts of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany with Denmark and is believed to be the first acquired in low earth orbit by a commercial off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi camera.




Exim is a popular MTA – mail transfer agent. An MTA directly receives SMTP from a client.


The SMTP Delivery process in all versions up to and including Exim 4.92.1 has a Buffer Overflow.  In the default runtime configuration, this is exploitable with crafted Server Name Indication (SNI) data during a TLS negotiation. In other configurations, it is exploitable with a crafted client TLS certificate. Not currently on https://github.com/google/oss-fuzz and it needs to be because Exim is written in C.



In 2017, Mozilla began working on the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) protocol. The key findings from this study were to determine how Mozilla could best deploy DoH, honor enterprise configuration and respect user choice about parental controls.


Mozilla plans to gradually roll out DNS-over-HTTPS in the USA starting in late September. The plan is to slowly enabling DoH for a small percentage of users. If this goes well, Mozilla will announce when they’re ready for 100% deployment.



Richard Stallman spoke at Microsoft Research this week

A day later, everyone’s seemingly alive but Windows still isn’t ‘free.’

The main topics of the discussion are the continued importance of free software, GPL v3, GNU vs. Linux. Stallman stated that “he had a list of ‘small requests’: make Github push users to better software license hygiene, make hardware manufacturers to publish their hardware specs, make it easier to workaround Secure Boot.”


If you’re wondering whether Stallman’s distaste for Microsoft has lessened over the years, his personal home page makes it clear that it has not. The front and center of his main page is a list of “Reasons not to use Microsoft.” The list is current, and includes “Microsoft recorded users of Xboxes and had human workers listen to the recordings,” and “Microsoft tricked users into ‘upgrading’ to Windows 10.'” 

At one point he did state “Sometimes there is a use for windows.”





FiftyOneFifty passed away on 9/5/2019,  No details as of now but he will be missed.


Android Q/10 released



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