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Mat Enders, Tony Bemus, and Mary Tomich
Intro Sound bite by Mike Tanner

Kernel News: Mat

Time: 1:02
Release Candidate:
On Thur, 9 Feb 2012 03:36:37 Linus Torvalds released 3.3-rc3
With this to say:

“Another week, another -rc.

No big surprises, which is just how I like it. About a third of the patches are in ARM, but the bulk of that is due to the removal of the unused DMA map code form the bcmring support. So no complaints.

The rest is fairly flat in the diffstat (== random small changes all over), although mostly drivers. More sound/hda (and asoc) updates, some target and IB updates, etc etc.

Shortlog appended for your perusal, you can see the kind of largely “fix small details” almost all of it is,”


Stable Updates:
On Mon, 6 Feb 2012 18:15:32 UTC Greg Kroah-Hartman released 3.0.20
5 files were changed, 47 files were inserted, 25 files were deleted

On Mon, 6 Feb 2012 18:16:22 UTC Greg Kroah-Hartman released 3.2.5
5 files were changed, 47 files were inserted, 25 files were deleted

It was the same patch to both kernels containing the fix to the ASPM-related problem that would significantly increase power consumption on some systems.

Kernel Quote:

Greg Kroah-Hartman becomes a LibreOffice developer with this post.

“Here are 4 patches removing some unused methods in the tree.

All of these patches are contributed under the LGPLv3+ / MPL.

Note, I also removed the line in the unusedcode.easy file at the same time, if I shouldn’t have done that, let me know and I’ll redo these patches.

If I messed anything up, or the patches need more information within the body of the changelog, please let me know, and I’ll be glad to respin them.”


–Greg Kroah-Hartman

Distro News: Tony

Time: 4:04


RebeccaBlackOS – First Live CD Running Wayland Display Server

This is inspired by Linux distributions of the same theme (Hannah Montana Linux, and Justin Beiber Linux) that have appeared in the Linux community, only this is Rebecca Black Linux.
Oh yeah, it’s also meant to be the first Wayland Live CD, and soon it will try to use Wayland instead of using X.
This distribution is fan made. Yes. I am a fan of Rebecca Black.

After reading that story it made me think, fan distros? Even though this disturbs me I want to include it for posterity. Here are a few:
Justin Bieber Linux (also called Biebian)
Demi Lovato Linux

Distro of the Week: Tony

  1. Debian
  2. Sabayon
  3. Fedora
  4. Ubuntu
  5. Mint

Tech News:

Time: 28:15

2011 Stack Overflow User Survey Has Some Not So Surprising Results
(Well To Me Anyway)

It showed that Linux is the second most popular desktop for developers behind Windows. I believe that the only reason it is not number one is because of the many developers forced to use the corprate approved desktop from Microsoft. Let’s look at the numbers from the 5,527 people who answered this question:

Response Response
Percent Count
Linux 19.9% 1,105
Mac OS X 18.7% 1,035
Windows 7 48.0% 2,665
Windows XP 10.8% 600
Windows Vista 1.6% 86
Other 1.0% 57

If you look at the numbers for Windows by release Linux kicks the snot out of all current releases except Win7. This just goes to show that educated computer users when allowed to choose their OP in variably choose Linux. At least that is what I take away from this.

See the complete results here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/sr.aspx?sm=2RYrV_2bFw2aZ2RfedWHNW_2f0DgNnatyQnvvrorWEYhuAQ_3d

Has Linux Lost Its Cool

Google Trends is a fascinating tool and one of Google’s best. What gives it its real power is the sheer number of people using Google. So lets look at some interesting statistics from Google Trends.

Lets Look at MySpace first:
They went from a high of about 2.5 times in mid 2007 down to almost 0 at the end of 2011

Now lets look at Linux:
It goes from a high of about 2.2 times in early 2004 to about 0.5 at the end of 2011

Now how about a popular Linux distribution Ubuntu:
They go from a high of 2 they sustained for about 2 1/2 years from late 2007 until early 2010 to 1.4 in late 2011

Is it just because these are no longer the new kids on the block? Is it because they are becoming common place and blasé? Let’s look at some newer terms instead then.

First to compare to MySpace let’s look at Facebook:
They go from a low of zero in early 2007 to a high of 3.1 in late 2011

Now we do not really have one to go head to head with Linux on but we do have one that we can compare to Ubuntu. Let’s look at Mint:
It goes from a low of about 0.1 in early 2007 to a high of 2 times in late 2011

From these looks at Google trends I think we can say that Linux is not on the decline but made the newness or cache has somewhat fallen away. And that new kids on the block like Linux Mint show that the popularity is still there. Mmm mmm mmm gotta love that Minty goodness.

Jury Finds Eola’s “Interactive Web” Patent Invalid

Eola filed a lawsuit against Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, and many more back in 2009. They claimed that they had a patent that gave them ownership of all interactive web content. A federal jury in Texas however put an end to that claim earlier this week when they said that patent 5838906 was invalid. The defense presented evidence from several web pioneers. These included Dave Raggett creator of the embed tag, Pei-Yuan creator of the Viola web browser. Tim Berners-Lee creator of the World Wide Web also testified for the defense about the importance of Pei’s work with Viola. He had this to say:

“It was ahead of its time. The things Pei was doing would later be done in Java.”

It appears that all of the testimony from the “Internet Pioneers” really had an impact on the jury leading them to the appropriate nullification of Eola’s patent.

Free Software Foundation Wants Labels On Websites To Denote Free Code

The FSF made a proposal that “JavaScript License Web Labels” be used on webpages to mark the use of free and open source software. The FSF has this to say regarding licensing compliance:

“webmasters who use this system on their own sites will be in compliance with the relevant conditions in the GNU software licenses and many other popular free software licenses.”

This will allow people who insist upon using open source software exclusively the ability to do so on the Internet also. Even though you could disable JavaScript entirely or selectively with thing like NoScript, however the FSF wants an easier more precise scriptable way.

Microsoft v Barnes & Noble Lawsuit Update
This week an ITC staff attorney recommended that the ITC administrative law judge, Theodore Essex find Barnes & Noble not in violation of three Microsoft patents.


Google launches Chrome browser for Android smartphones and tablets

Google on Tuesday announced the first beta release of its Chrome Web browser for Android-powered smartphones and tablets. The firm’s native Web browser is certainly among the better mobile Web browsers on the market, but with Chrome, Google is focused on aligning its mobile browsing experience more closely with its desktop browser. “Like the desktop version, Chrome for Android Beta is focused on speed and simplicity, but it also features seamless sign-in and sync so you can take your personalized web browsing experience with you wherever you go, across devices,” Sundar Pichai, Google’s SVP of Chrome and Apps, wrote in a post on the company’s blog. Chrome for Android is available immediately as a free download in the Android Market and it is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later.

Listener Feedback:
Time 1:06:15
HPR Episode 0916 – We have the First Thursday of the month slot for syndicated shows! They also talk about how they like us! The realy like us!

Cillian de Róiste – I just heard of this podcast via HPR … it’s fantastic!! Thanks so much for all the work you put into it, and for making it so fun and informative!

Nine Rules for Designing a Linux Desktop
The article that was discussed can be found here on the Datamation.com website.


Outtro Music:
Time 1:14:14
Three Piano Solos by SaReGaMa

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