Episode 149 – T minus One Week

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Total Running Time: 1:59:42

Un-edited Live session – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXADsfRZvmk

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Kernel News: Mat
Time: 20:05
Distro Talk: Tony
Time: 24:05
Mary Distro Review
Time: 54:54
Tech News:
Time: 1:16:50
Listener Feedback
Time: 1:35:20
Outtro Music
Time: 1:44:44


Tony Bemus, Mat Enders, and Mary Tomich
Sound bites by Mike Tanner

Kernel News: Mat

Time: 20:05

mainline:	4.0     	2015-04-12	
stable: 	3.19.5  	2015-04-19
longterm:	3.18.11 	2015-04-04
longterm:	3.14.39 	2015-04-19
longterm:	3.12.40 	2015-04-09
longterm:	3.10.75 	2015-04-19
longterm:	3.4.107 	2015-04-14
longterm:	3.2.68  	2015-03-06
longterm:	2014-12-13
linux-next:	next-20150415	2015-04-15

Distro Talk: Tony

Time: 24:05


  • 4-5 – LXLE 14.04.2, 12.04.5
  • 4-5 – MakuluLinux 8 “Unity”
  • 4-6 – Kwort Linux 4.2
  • 4-8 – SalentOS 14.04.2
  • 4-9 – Semplice Linux 7
  • 4-9 – Bella OS 2.2
  • 4-10 – Linux Mint 2 “LMDE”
  • 4-10 – Slackel 6.0.3 “Openbox”
  • 4-10 – HandyLinux 1.9
  • 4-11 – elementary OS 0.3
  • 4-12 – Antergos 2015.04.12
  • 4-14 – Scientific Linux 7.1
  • 4-14 – Toutou Linux 6.0 “SlaXen RCX”
  • 4-14 – Hanthana Linux 21
  • 4-15 – MakuluLinux 8.0 “LxFce”
  • 4-16 – pfSense 2.2.2
  • 4-17 – ExTiX 15.2
  • 4-19 – KaOS 2015.04

Distro of the Week: Tony

  1. Antergos – 1411
  2. Debian – 1494
  3. elementary – 1778
  4. Ubuntu – 1798
  5. Mint – 3216

Mary’s Distro Review

Time: 54:54

This week we discussed the BSD license and the GPL license.  Sites that we mentioned:




Tech News:

Time: 1:16:50



United Airlines Stops Researcher Who Tweeted about Airplane Network Security from Boarding Flight to Security Conferences

Chris Roberts, a founder of the security intelligence firm One World Labs, found himself detained by the FBI earlier this week after tweeting about airplane network security during a United Airlines flight. When Roberts landed in Syracuse, he was questioned by the FBI, which ultimately seiz But unfortunately last week’s tweet and FBI action isn’t the end of the story.

Roberts was back at the airport on Saturday evening, headed to San Francisco to attend two high-profile security conferences, the RSA Conference, where he is scheduled to present on Thursday, and BSides SF. After Roberts retrieved his boarding pass, made his way through the TSA checkpoint and reached the gate, United corporate security personnel stopped him from boarding the plane. Roberts was told to expect a letter explaining the reasons for not being allowed to travel on United. Thankfully, Roberts was able to book a last-minute flight on another airline and has now landed safely in San Francisco.ed a number of his electronic devices.



Forge.mil changed how the US military develops software

The US military has become more and more interested in open source software. Forge.mil is one of the latest achievements in the US military’s move toward open source inside its various branches. The primary goals of developing the open source Forge.mil community were to create a more open and transparent development process that could remove barriers to reuse, encourage collaboration, and discourage proprietary or closed systems.

Two sites wrote about this this week.


By way of BSD Now podcast:

Solaris Admins: For A Glimpse Of Your Networking Future, Install OpenBSD



KDE Korner

 KDE Applications 15.04 Adds KDE Telepathy Chat and Kdenlive Video Editing


Layered compositing in Kdenlive


9 reasons to use KDE


Security corner

Truecrypt report

Now that is it considered safe you can download the audited version at grc.com

My penguicon talk “Practical Home Networking Using a Linux Router”

Is it Alive


Look for our crowd sourced Is it Alive, next week!

Listener Feedback:

show (at) smlr.us or 734-258-7009

Outtro Music

Time: 1:44:44

Smoke Signals – Album the Rebel Soul Sound System by the Dingees


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