Episode 126 – Penguicon Reprise

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Total Running Time: 1:40:01

Un-edited Live session – http://youtu.be/QRI8LNI_PsE

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Kernel News: Mat
Time: 18:05
Distro Talk: Tony
Time: 19:30
Tech News:
Time: 41:50
Penguicon Reprise
Time: 1:10:10
Security Bit
Time: 1:22:15
Listener Feedback
Time: 1:29:35
Outtro Music
Time: 1:31:32


Tony Bemus, Mat Enders, and Mary Tomich
Sound bites by Mike Tanner

Kernel News: Mat

Time: 18:05
mainline: 3.15-rc5 2014-05-09
stable: 3.14.4 2014-05-13
stable: 3.13.11 [EOL] 2014-04-22
longterm: 3.12.20 2014-05-15
longterm: 3.10.40 2014-05-13
longterm: 3.4.90 2014-05-13
longterm: 3.2.58 2014-04-30
longterm: 2013-06-10
linux-next: next-20140516 2014-05-16

Distro Talk: Tony

Time: 19:30


  • 5-5 – OpenELEC 4.0
  • 5-7 – Robolinux 7.5.1
  • 5-8 – GoboLinux 015
  • 5-8 – Ubuntu Privacy Remix 12.04r1
  • 5-9 – Pidora 2014
  • 5-9 – Slackel 4.10.5 “KDE Live”
  • 5-10 – Sabayon Linux 14.05
  • 5-11 – wattOS R8
  • 5-12 – Greenie Linux 14.04.1
  • 5-12 – IPFire 2.15 Core 77
  • 5-12 – Pinguy OS 14.04
  • 5-13 – Univention Corporate Server 3.2-2

Distro of the Week: Tony

  1. Sabayon – 1567
  2. Debian – 1684
  3. wattOS – 1862
  4. Ubuntu – 1935
  5. Mint – 3206

Mary Distro Review


No review this week!

Tech News:

Time: 41:50

 Chinese people mandated by government to switch to Linux



KDE Korner

Kraft 0.54 Released (KDE Business Software)
Kraft is KDE-Software for people who operate a small business. Kraft helps to manage business communication documents like quotes, notes of deliveries and invoices.



KDE 4.13.1 maintenance version released – mostly bugfixes.


DigiKam 4.0 Released


KDEnlive 0.98 has been released.



Z Shell…

This is not tech news, per se, but I discussed Z Shell at the beginning of the show and here are some helpful links:
Zsh is your friend!

Oh My Zsh!

Zsh Themes


Penguicon Reprise

Time: 1:10:10
Kevin O’Brien talking about how Penguicon went and his role with the Tech Track.

The Security Bit

Time: 1:22:15

Our site was hacked! The redirecting we saw was caused by base64 code in the php files. This is how I fixed the problem: http://bemushosting.com/?p=545

Antivirus pioneer Symantec declares AV “dead” and “doomed to failure”

Listener Feedback:

show (at) smlr.us or 313-626-9140
Time: 1:29:35

Outtro Music

Time: 1:31:32

Angry Nerds by Insane Ian featuring the great Luke Ski

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1 Comment

  • .
    I’m currently listening to your podcast #126 (Penguicon Reprise) and I heard something distributing. You make this comment about “a guy” who uses Gentoo for their server distribution at work. Let me tell you … I do as well. Gentoo is by far the best distribution I’ve ever used for personal, corporate workstations and servers.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you haven’t used or reviewed Gentoo recently and your comments are based on ignorance. You really need to (re)review it, and maybe take a look at Slackware and Arch while you’re as well.

    I typically don’t post comments, but recently I have been hearing a lot of disparaging remarks (yours and other podcasts) about Gentoo, Slackware and Arch as “too hard”, “not user friendly”, “time consuming”, … which I find frustrating because it puts off others who may not try these distributions because of your “advice”.

    You have volunteered yourself to speak as voices of the Linux community and FOSS and you should take that responsibility seriously. Give honest well informed opinions about distributions and not unhelpful rhetoric.

    Thank you for listening.


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