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Un-edited Live session – http://youtu.be/uxRRwZl4zuI

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Kernel News: Mat
Time: 4:00
Distro Talk: Tony
Time: 8:00
Tech News:
Time: 18:30
Time: 33:00
Listener Feedback
Time: 39:25
Outtro Music
Time: 48:33


Tony Bemus, Mat Enders, and Mary Tomich
Intro Sound bite by Mike Tanner

Kernel News: Mat

Time: 4:00

Release Candidate:
On Sun, 3 Mar 2013 16:28:25 PST
Linus Torvalds leased kernel 3.9-rc1
Heres what he had to say about it:
“… I don’t know if it’s just me, but this merge window had more “Uhhuh” moments than I’m used to. I stopped merging a couple of times, because we had bugs that looked really scary, but thankfully each time people were on them like paparazzi on Justin Bieber. Special thanks to Peter, Ted and Rafael (and the people who reported the bugs too!) for being so responsive. It could have been so much worse.

As usual, there’s changes all over the place. We’ve got two new architectures (metag and arc), and we’ve got tons of arm work (as usual), with even more platforms falling under the generic umbrella. MIPS tried to keep up by doing whitespace cleanup, but those arm people with their platform changes kept ahead

And we’ve got filesystem updates to just about everything out there, although btrfs (initial raid56 code, snapshot work and fsync performance) and ext4 (hole punching, extent caches, also fsync performance) had the big changes.

But most of the updates (~60%) are on the driver side, as usual. The bulk is in GPU, networking, staging, pinctrl, sound, but it’s all over. …”


Stable Updates:
On Mon, 4 Mar 2013 06:30:53 PST
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.0.68
With 31 files changed, 287 lines inserted, and 158 lines deleted

On Mon, 4 Mar 2013 06:31:36 PST
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.4.35
With 52 files changed, 318 lines inserted, and 179 lines deleted

On Mon, 4 Mar 2013 06:32:15
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.8.2
With 80 files changed, 887 lines inserted, and 376 lines deleted

On Wed, 06 Mar 2013 13:36:22 GMT
Ben Hutchings released kernel 3.2.40
With 171 files changed, 1634 lines inserted, and 866 lines deleted

Kernel Developer Quote:
This week is from Greg Kroah-Hartman:
“Two different conversations I had a week ago:
Linux kernel developer talking to me at ELC:
him: “If you put dbus into the kernel, I am going to switch to one of the BSDs”
me: “Sorry to hear that, good luck.”

Email sent to me the next day from a BSD kernel developer:
him: “As you want to put dbus into the Linux kernel, we probably want to as well, do you have any objection to us doing this?”
me: “Not at all, if there’s anything I can do to help out, just let me know.”

I’m tempted to say something to that first developer now, but I think I’ll just sit back and watch this all play out…”
–Greg Kroah-Hartman

Distro Talk: Tony



  • 3-3 – PureOS 7.0 – Debian-based desktop Linux distribution with a choice of GNOME or Openbox desktop user interfaces
  • 3-4 – sposkpat 1.05 – Single Purpose Operating System. Turns any PC into a distraction-less Patience card game (a.k.a. klondike, solitaire, solitario, pasianssi, пасьянс, bakarkako
  • 3-4 – Proxmox 2.3 “Virtual Environment” – Debian-based virtualisation platform for running virtual appliances and virtual machines
  • 3-4 – Springdale Linux 6.4– formerly known as PUIAS Linux and built from source packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4
  • 3-5 – Puppy Linux 5.5 “Slacko” – all and fast distribution built from and compatible with Slackware’s binary packages –
  • 5-27 – KANOTIX 2013 – Debian-based distribution created for the CeBIT trade show taking place this week in Hannover, Germany
  • 3-9 – CentOS 6.4

Distro of the Week: Tony

  1. Fedora – 1815
  2. LuninuX – 1834
  3. Ubuntu – 2534
  4. Mageia – 3194
  5. Mint – 5157

Distro Rank


  1. Arch
  2. Debian
  3. Red Hat Enteprise Linux
  4. Mint
  5. Ubuntu

Tech News:

Time: 18:30

The First Sale Doctrine Is In Real Trouble

What the first sale doctrine does is limit certain rights of a copyright or trademark owner. The doctrine enables the distribution chain of copyrighted products, library lending, gifting, video rentals and secondary markets for copyrighted works (for example, enabling individuals to sell their legally purchased books or CDs to others). Well the Supreme Court right now is hearing a case called Kirtsaeng v. Wiley & Sons, that may in fact do away with the first sale doctrine, which was first recognized by the Supreme Court back in 1908.

A little background first. Supap Kirtsaeng, a college student from Thailand, when he saw the price of textbooks in the US he got an idea. He had his relatives in Thailand buy and ship him textbooks, which he then resold in the US. All was hunky dory until esteemed textbook publisher Wiley & Sons saw how much money Supap was making. Then they sued him claiming that since the books were purchased overseas that the first sale doctrine did not apply. Well two courts ruled in favor of Wiley & Sons, so now we are at the Supreme Court

The only thing we can do at this point other than wait for the Supreme Court is to get our lawmakers involved. So you head over to the web site “You’ve Been Owned!” They have a form that will email your congressman for you. Here is the link:


Is Canonical Destroying The Ubuntu Community

After Mark Shuttleworth made comments like this on his blog one has to wonder. “If you’ve done what you want for Ubuntu, then move on.” This is in response to some of the Ubuntu community leaders speaking out. With more comments like this one, “that’s more important than taking care of the needs of those who don’t share our goal,” clearly Mr. Shuttleworth thinks that what the community wants is insignificant compared to what Canonical wants. I think Mr. Shuttleworth is making it clear that Ubuntu is not a community distribution but a corporate driven one. I am not saying this is bad thing or that I disagree. I do however think how he is going about it is wrong. Red Hat is a corporate distribution and they make no bones about it. They community edition is called Fedora. They are distinct and separate as it should be. If Canonical wants to be successful they are going to need to move in this direction. Not having a corporate distribution built around a fake community.

A listener has written an excellent blog post on the same topic and I suggest you go and read it:


And now linuxbsdos.com is telling it like it is

Ubuntu is not a community distribution

Shuttleworth Says Kwin And Mir A Go. Not So Much according To Kwin Maintainer.

The KDE community was shocked this week by a statement from Mark Shuttleworth in which he claimed “that Kwin will work just fine on top of Mir.” The reason this statement came as a shock was because the Kwin maintainer, Martin Gräßlin, said that after the Wayland controversy he won’t be supporting Mir and will veto any attempt to supoort it. He went on to say this:

“But I have doubt that KWin will work just fine on top of Mir and I have already stated so. You might have wanted to check the facts before stating such claims (somehow I get a feeling for a pattern here).”

Martin then goes on to list some specifics:
1) Currently the number of commits to KWin by an Canonical employee is 0
2) No Canonical employee has so far contacted the KWin team on how we could integrate Mir and whether we are interested at all
3) I have to question the abilities of Canonical to judge what other software can do and cannot after Canonical argued with non existing issues in Wayland for Mir
4) We are still waiting for the Wayland adjustments for KDE done by Canonical.

Finally he told Shuttleworth to not talk about Kwin:

“…keep KWin out of the pro-Mir campaign. I didn’t ask for Mir, I don’t want Mir and reading blog posts like the one which triggered this reply does lower my motivation to ever have anything to do with Mir. Mir is an answer to a question nobody asked. It’s a solution to problem which does not exist.

Microsoft Releases Kinect Code To Open Source

This Open Source Robot Bartender Pours the Perfect Mix

The Toolbox

Time: 33:00
Not Really A Tool But A Scripting Trick

I have a simple rule about running complex commands for system administration. If you are going to do it more than three times, script it.

Another one is, if you have to run it regularly use cron.

Now for the trick. If for some reason your scipt runs fine when you run it manually, but fails when run by cron change the first line in the script to:

#!/bin/bash -l

The -l argument specifies a login shell. If your usual login sets a lot of environment variables this can quickly sold a multitude of strange problems.

Listener Feedback:

show (at) smlr.us or 313-626-9140
Time: 39:25
More to be added later…

Outtro Music

Time: 48:33
Other Side Of Life by Racecar

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