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Un-edited Live session – http://youtu.be/nhg4PTmaRZ0

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Kernel News: Mat
Time: 15:17
Distro Talk: Tony
Time: 17:52
Tech News:
Time: 24:26
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Tony Bemus, Mat Enders, and Mary Tomich
Intro Sound bite by Mike Tanner

Kernel News: Mat

Time: 15:17
Release Candidate:
No RC this week


Stable Updates:
On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 06:16:37 KST
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.6.2
With 135 files changed, 1168 lines inserted, and 456 lines deleted

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 06:18:04 KST
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.5.7
With 136 files changed, 1051 lines inserted, and 484 lines deleted
Note, this is the LAST 3.5.y kernel release, it is now end-of-life.

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 06:18:43 KST
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.4.14
With 122 files changed, 958 lines inserted, and 389 lines deleted

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 06:19:35 KST
Greg Kroah-Hartman released kernel 3.0.46
68 files changed, 944 lines inserted, and 294 lines deleted

Kernel Developer Quote:

“Anybody remember the youtube series “You suck at photoshop”?

I am inventing a whole new series called “I suck at photography”. If I have a superpower, it is in creating blurry shots of backgrounds where fish used to be, but by the time my camera decides to take a photo, the fish is now somewhere completely different.”
–Linus Torvalds

Distro Talk: Tony

Time: 17:52


  • 10-7 – Arch Linux 2012.10.06 – now with systemd as the service manager
  • 10-9 – Webconverger 15 – Debian-based distribution for web kiosks featuring the latest Firefox web browser
  • 10-11 – Snowlinux 3.1 – Debian-based distribution for the desktop available in GNOME 2, Xfce and E17 editions
  • 10-11 – Parted Magic 2012_10_10 – specialist Linux live CD providing utilities for disk management and data rescue tasks
  • 10-12 – GParted Live 0.14.0-1 – live CD containing tools for disk management and data rescue tasks
  • 10-12 – Zenwalk Linux 7.2 – Slackware-based desktop Linux distribution with Xfce as the preferred desktop environment
  • 10-13 – Slackel 14.0 – Slackware-based Linux distribution featuring the KDE 4.8.5 desktop and a good collection of KDE-centric software applications

Distro of the Week: Tony

  1. AriOS – 1592
  2. Arch – 1880
  3. Ubuntu – 2014
  4. Mageia – 2647
  5. Mint – 3182

Tech News:

Time: 24:26

1. Forbes says Android could overtake Apple in Tablet market

2. Ars Technica – Study shows that 25% of Americans own a tablet

3. Pew Center study dated 10/1/12

Note that this survey was done before the Nexus7 and Kindle fire HD were released.

4. OpenOffice, LibreOffice and Licensing

5. KDE Manifesto

6. Sales ban on Galaxy Nexus lifted

7. Linus Torvalds Answers Your Questions

Now You Can Boot Any Linux Distro On UEFI Secure Boot PCs: The Linux Foundation Steps In

The three leading GNU/Linux distributions Fedora, SUSE and Ubuntu were working on solutions to run their distros on Microsoft’s UEFI Secure boot PCs. openSUSE gave inidcations of using Fedora’s solution Initially Ubuntu had come out with its own solution (weeks after Fedora proposed their plan) which met with controversies mainly because they decided to drop Grub 2 due to GPL licence. The FSF stepped in to clarify the doubts Canonical had over private key. Eventually Ubuntu also resorted to using Fedora’s solution in parts.

The un-unified efforts by these distributions did not go very well with the entire open source community. OpenBSD founder Theo de Raadt criticized both Canonical and Red Hat. “I fully understand that Red Hat and Canonical won’t be doing the right thing, they are traitors to the cause, mostly in it for the money and power. They want to be the new Microsoft.”

You can read our entire coverage of UEFI Secure Boot Here

Now The Linux Foundation has stepped in with a solution which will allow every (and not just one distro or only Linux distro) open source operating system to run on UEFI secure boot systems.


How to Make Your Boss Angry — Bad Linux Sysadmin Practices

“You’re fired!” yells a red-headed, more or less bald guy in a suit. You’ll probably recognize this from any of a dozen comedy series. Would you like to play the role of the employee in such a scene, in real life? If you happen to be a Linux sysadmin, it’s your lucky day! We’ve got just the right tips for you. Read on for a comprehensive list of ways to make your boss hit the roof and bounce back again.


NVIDIA wants to remove GPL marker from Linux interface

NVIDIA developer Robert Morell has proposed removing a marker for the Linux kernel’s GPL licence from a Linux kernel driver interface, apparently in order to permit the use of the interface with proprietary drivers. A discussion thread on the topic has seen several key kernel developers express clear opposition to the proposal and debate over which developers would have to consent to such a change.
The proposed change is to the DMA buffer sharing mechanism (dma_buf) interface (designed for kernel drivers) which was merged into Linux 3.3. It provides infrastructure to enable multiple drivers to share a DMA buffer. This can be useful for embedded systems, enabling kernel drivers to, for example, forward images captured by a smartphone camera to both a video encoder component for compression and storage and simultaneously to the graphics core for live replay, without having to copy the image data. The infrastructure could also be useful for hybrid graphics solutions used in current laptop models, allowing the dedicated graphics chip to pass images it has processed with minimum overhead to the processor’s graphics core, which controls the screen. This is achieved using Linux 3.5’s prime infrastructure, which makes use of the DMA sharing mechanism and forms the basis for hybrid graphics support in X Server 1.13.


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Outtro Music


I got Plan by Studebaker´s Blacksmith Shop

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